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Drizoro Bluee Power Clean

Drizoro Bluee Power Clean

Bluee Power Clean

Bluee Power Clean Neutral Degreaser Concentrate is a unique industrial strength cleaner and degreaser that unites safety, effective cleaning and environmental awareness in a special formulation that is time-proven and job- tested. It is a neutral pH that is safe for vehicular finishes and easier on the hands.

CONCENTRATED INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH Its non-hazardous formulation with no solvents or other aggressive chemicals, allows effective cleaning. This special blend is non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, biodegradable and has no harmful effects on the environment does not change the colour, appearance and texture of the substrate.

Surface is ready for painting, leaves no residue .

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  • Removes pollution stains and dirt from solid and fluid fuels, road traffic, industrial environment, etc., Can be used on brick, tiles or stone, furniture, public buildings and new or old constructions affected by pollution.
  • Ideal for cleaning engines and parts, engine rooms, oil stained concrete, ramps, barges, fireplace carbon, grease traps.
  • Bathrooms, general kitchen and house cleaning
  • It does not affect the surface treated.
  • Safe for the user and surrounding areas,  does not require special protection equipments
  • Removes coal deposits from combustion processes.
  • Not classified as hazardous materials for transportation.
  • Replaces aggressive acid and basic cleaners Non-corrosive and non-flammable. Environmentally friendly.

Drizoro Bluee Power Clean - Bluee Power Clean

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