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FabCare Nanova AV 5L

FabCare Nanova AV 5L

Provides 99% Germ Protection

Nano Innovations Antimicrobial Treatment for Fabric & Textile is a specially designed waterborne,nano active concentrated solution developed to provide antimicrobial protection for fabrics and textiles.Using a positively charged immobilized nano-composite, dispersed in water, it is highly effective ininactivating pathogens on coated surfaces. The formulation is safe for human use and has no cytotoxicity.

How Does it work?

Nano Innovations Antimicrobial Treatment for Fabric & Textile disinfects treated surfaces by deactivation of microbes via contact killing of genomes (DNA as well as RNA). These nano-moleculesare active against enveloped virus and eliminate the growth of micro-organisms like bacteria, moulds, fungi, yeasts etc. Nano Innovations Australia Antimicrobial Treatment for Fabric & Textile conforms toglobal standards like JIS and AATCC with an anti-microbial efficacy of > 99%. Nano Innovations Australia Antimicrobial Treatment for Fabric & Textile is suitable for the treatment of fabric, garments, textile, appraisals, PPE and home furnishing material.

For clothing and fabrics:

  • Clothes
  • Bed Sheets
  • Curtains

For fixed fabrics and textiles:

  • Chairs
  • Wall Partitions


  • Hospitals & Nursing Homes, Medical & Dental Centres.
  • Shopping centres, Sports, Health and Fitness Centres, Hotels & Restaurants.
  • Pharmaceutical Plants, Food Processing Facilities, Airports & Transport Facilities.
  • Schools, Colleges, & Universities, Day Care Centres, Community Halls and other public places.
  • Concentrate antimicrobial solution. Antimicrobial efficacy > 99.%.
  • Complies to global standard JIS l 1902, AATCC 100.
  • Does not affect the original feel and appearance of fabric.
  • Substrate remains breathable / vaporpermeable.
  • Stable up to 3-5 detergent washes.
  • Easy to use (Dip and Dry).
  • Dilution: 2% solution in water.
  • Coverage = 200mls of solution per 10L water


Is Nanova Hygiene+ safe for my child?

Yes! Nanova Hygiene+ is completely safe to use on toys and other items your child might touch –  just make sure that they are clean before application, and then allow to dry completely before handing them back to your child. If liquid or residue from uncured products is ingested, refer to the SDS and seek medical advice immediately.


Can I use Nanova Hygiene+ outside?

Yes! Nanova Hygiene+ is UV stable, so it won’t break down in outdoor conditions.


Is Nanova Hygiene+ safe for my pets?

Yes! Nanova Hygiene has no cytotoxicity, and it is completely safe for dogs, cats and other pets as soon as the coating is dry.


Does Nanova Hygiene+ have an expiry date?

Yes. Nanova Hygiene+ will still be able to be applied up to 12 months after purchase. After this time, its effectiveness cannot be guaranteed.


Will Nanova Hygiene+ change the colour of the fabric on my lounge?

No. Nanova Hygiene+ will not change the look, feel or colour of the surfaces it coats. As the product is water-based, be careful of getting too much spray on items that can be affected by too much water (such as leather). A fine mist coating is all that is required to achieve an effective protective layer.


Will Nanova Hygiene+ dry clear on my windows?

Yes! Nanova Hygiene+ dries clear on virtually every surface. Windows, glass, shower screens, splashbacks – will remain transparent with the coating applied.


Is Nanova Hygiene+ safe to apply to my timber furniture?

Yes! Nanova Hygiene+ will not affect timber or any other natural surface. Simply ensure that surfaces are clean prior to the coating being applied.


How many coats of Nanova Hygiene+ do I need to apply?

Just one coat of Nanova Hygiene+ is all that is required to protect your surfaces from viruses (including Covid-19), bacteria and other microbes.

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