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Floor Hygiene + Solvent Free AM

Floor Hygiene + Solvent Free AM

Sanitization of Germs up to 99%

Nano Innovations Australia Floor Hygiene+ Solvent Free AM is a two-component epoxy antimicrobial floor coat, specially designedfor interior floors. Formulated with cationic composites dispersed in the epoxy resin, it provides a durable, hard-earing finish,while effectively inactivating pathogens on contact. Nano Innovations Australia Floor Hygiene+ Solvent Free AM is active againstthe growth of micro-organisms like viruses, bacteria, moulds, fungis and yeasts. The antimicrobial system will not leachout, remaining safe and active through the life of the product. Nano Innovations Australia Floor Hygiene+ Solvent Free AM hasbeen independently tested against SARS-Cov2 (virus responsible for COVID-19) by the National Immunogenicity & BiologicsEvaluation Centre, with a demonstrated efficacy of greater than 99%. Satisfies international standard ISO 21072.

How Does it Work?

Nano Innovations Australia Floor Hygiene+ Solvent Free AM two-component epoxy floor coat provides a high build, heavy dutyair drying finish for concrete and masonry surfaces. Ideal for heavy traffic environments and chemical exposure. NanoInnovations Australia Floor Hygiene+ Solvent Free AM is non-flammable, and features a low VOC and low odour formulation, providinga safe and comfortable application process. Can be used with Nano Safe Innovations Slip Resistant Additive to provide a safer,non-slip environment on horizontal or inclined floor surfaces, and stairways. Available in a range of colours.
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Clean Rooms
  • Warehousing
  • Laboratories
  • Education, Universities, Pre School and Colleges
  • Shopping Centres and Retail Stores
  • Transport Facilities and Public Meeting Areas
  • Warehousing and Storage Areas
  • Plant Rooms
  • Kitchens and Food Services
  • Washrooms, Toilets and Change Rooms

Key Features

  • Antimicrobial 2-component epoxy coat
  • Heavy duty 100% solids film build
  • Low odour and solvent free
  • High solids, low viscosity
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Non-flammable
  • Seamless coating
  • Versatile coating for all applications
  • Abrasion resistant, easy to clean coating
  • Moisture resistant
  • Fast cure
  • Slip Resistant (With Nano Innovations Slip Resistant Additive)
  • Easy to clean finish
  • up to 60 sqm per litre


Is Nanova Hygiene+ safe for my child?

Yes! Nanova Hygiene+ is completely safe to use on toys and other items your child might touch –  just make sure that they are clean before application, and then allow to dry completely before handing them back to your child. If liquid or residue from uncured products is ingested, refer to the SDS and seek medical advice immediately.


Can I use Nanova Hygiene+ outside?

Yes! Nanova Hygiene+ is UV stable, so it won’t break down in outdoor conditions.


Is Nanova Hygiene+ safe for my pets?

Yes! Nanova Hygiene has no cytotoxicity, and it is completely safe for dogs, cats and other pets as soon as the coating is dry.


Does Nanova Hygiene+ have an expiry date?

Yes. Nanova Hygiene+ will still be able to be applied up to 12 months after purchase. After this time, its effectiveness cannot be guaranteed.


Will Nanova Hygiene+ change the colour of the fabric on my lounge?

No. Nanova Hygiene+ will not change the look, feel or colour of the surfaces it coats. As the product is water-based, be careful of getting too much spray on items that can be affected by too much water (such as leather). A fine mist coating is all that is required to achieve an effective protective layer.


Will Nanova Hygiene+ dry clear on my windows?

Yes! Nanova Hygiene+ dries clear on virtually every surface. Windows, glass, shower screens, splashbacks – will remain transparent with the coating applied.


Is Nanova Hygiene+ safe to apply to my timber furniture?

Yes! Nanova Hygiene+ will not affect timber or any other natural surface. Simply ensure that surfaces are clean prior to the coating being applied.


How many coats of Nanova Hygiene+ do I need to apply?

Just one coat of Nanova Hygiene+ is all that is required to protect your surfaces from viruses (including Covid-19), bacteria and other microbes.

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