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Sikagard 700S - 20 Litre

Sikagard 700S - 20 Litre

Sikagard 700s is a single-pack solvent containing impregnation based on silane/siloxane with good penetrative properties.  It forms a hydrophobic (water repellent) but water vapour permeable surface on mineral substrates.  Suitable for spray equipment.

Sikagard-700S is also used as a primer underneath Sikagard-680S on concrete or cement mortar surfaces in cases of heavy exposure and marine environments.

Impregnation for mineral substrates such as:

  • concrete and plaster surfaces
  • natural stone
  • aerated concrete
  • brickwork
  • asbestos cement
  • some mineral paint coats


  • building facades and exposed concrete
  • cementitious mortar surfaces against moisture ingress
  • Provides an hydrophobic surface layer which prevents the passage of moisture and hence water borne salts (chlorides) into concrete and thereby enhances durability.
  • Penetrates deeply into the substrate, dries tack free and is highly alkaline resistant. It develops a very durable chemical cohesion with silicates in the substrate.
  • It provides a very good impregnation against driving rain; it does not, however, stop diffusion of water vapour. The appearance of the structure is not changed.
  • The ‘freeze/thaw’ resistance is improved, the tendency to contamination reduced.

Sikagard 700S - 20 Litre - Sikagard 700S

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