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Duromastic Tough Set 15 Litre Grey

Duromastic Tough Set 15 Litre Grey

DURO MASTIC™ TOUGHSET membrane is a single component, high solids, waterborne membrane modified with acrylic, urethane and SBR. This membrane has been formulated to create a tenacious bond to most surfaces, DURO MASTIC™ TOUGHSETis a tough flexible waterproof membrane with a high film strength, that will expand and contract under normal substrate movement. It is supplied as a thixotropic liquid, which is easily applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The formulation is fully optimised to ensure quick tack free time.

Suitable for application by brush or roller.

Colour – Grey

Internal Wet Areas and Shower Recesses
External Balconies and Decks (must beover coated)
water feature
Single component
Water cleanup
Enviromentally friendly, non toxic
Ease of application
Tenacious bond
High tensile film strength
Does not bleed or leach
Low water vapour transmission

1 sqm per 1 litres per coat
Two coat application
15 Litre pail will coat 7-8 sqm complete

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