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Gripset C1-P 15kg

Gripset C1-P 15kg

Gripset C-1P 15kg

Gripset C-1P 15kg is a high performance 1 component flexible polymer cementitious membrane designed for a range of positive and negative waterproofing applications over concrete and masonry surfaces. Based on unique polymer technology, C-1P possesses outstanding waterproofing and adhesion properties, with excellent resistance to frost, ageing, and salt water. It provides a unique advantage over 1 component cement based membranes as it not only forms a durable waterproof membrane but provides enhanced flexibility and excellent crack bridging properties over concrete/masonry cracks.

Suitable for waterproofing the negative face of structures where access to the positive face is not possible, e.g. basements, underground walls etc, withstanding up to 15m head of pressure on the negative face.

Alternative to crystalline waterproofing products over surfaces with low alkalinity, where crystal growth is not possible.

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  • Price
  • Australian Made
  • Environmentally Friendly – No VOC Formula

Gripset C1-P 15kg - Gripset C1-P 15kg

  • Basement walls, internal and external sides
  • Lift pits ∗ Podiums, terraces, general external wet areas
  • Water features, swimming pools
  • Potable water storage facilities, retention and water tanks
  • Waterproofing system over concrete blocks, brick, masonry and mortars where crystal treatments are not suitable
  • Waterproofing under tiles and pavers in external areas ∗ Sandwich sealing between existing and new concrete toppings
  • Planters, retaining walls, earth shelters
  • Able to be used for both positive and negative waterproofing
  • Waterproof, withstanding continuously wet and immersed environments
  • Dries without cracking, low shrinkage
  • 1 component, mixed on site with water, ready to use.
  • Flexible and good crack bridging properties
  • Tested up to 6 bar water pressure (60m head of pressure); positive side; tested to 1.5 bar (15m head of pressure) on negative side.
  • Withstands UV light exposure
  • Can be applied by brush, roller and trowel on horizontal and vertical surfaces without sagging. Able to spray apply
  • Ability to apply over damp concrete ∗ Potable water approved ∗ Non-toxic

Gripset C1-P 15kg - Gripset C1-P 15kg

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