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Tremco Presstite

Tremco Presstite


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Tremco Presstite

Tremco Presstite  is a bitumen impregnated flexible polyurethane foam sealing strip. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, this versatile product expands and contracts to accommodate movement, acting as a gasket or sealant to reduce noise, to stop light draughts, dust, dirt, damp rain and standing water from entering building constructions in leisure, domestic, commercial or industrial installations.

Basic Uses

Building and Industrial:

  • Expansion Joints Precast: Concrete slabs, block and brickwork, concrete panels.
  • Floors: Foundations, columns.
  • Roofs: Domes, Skylights, vents.
  • Sheetmetal Roofing: Profile for sealing at parapets, over plates, side and end laps and ridges.
  • Windows and Doors: Into timber, masonry and metal frames, shop fronts, glazing.
  • Walls: Partition seals, curtain walls, panels, metal cladding.
  • Prefabricated Buildings: Garden sheds, farm sheds.
  • Pipe Work: Low pressure pipe gaskets, packing filling voids around water pipe penetrations, septic tank ring seals.
  • Backing Strip: Mastic sealers.

Domestic and Commercial:

  • Air Conditioning: Refrigeration ducts, seals on ventilation cabinets, packing in duct work to reduce vibration noise etc, cool rooms.
  • Electrical: Installation boxes, lighting.
  • Boats: Glazing, cabin seals, hatch cover seals.
  • Caravans: Sheet joins, window fixtures.
  • Treated Log Construction: Strip sealant between logs, in gardens recreational or domestic structures.

Heavy Construction:

  • Roads: Bridges and paving.
  • Pipes and Water: Dams, irrigation, sewerage, septic tanks, concrete tank lid seals.

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  • Between precast concrete panels
  • Between partitions, walls, floors and ceilings
  • Expansion joints in masonry (vertical and horizontal)
  • Ceiling of corrugated roofing
  • Easy installation
  • Timesaving
  • Multi use product

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