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How to waterproof areas around your home


Decks and Roofs

Avoid serious water damage on your decks and roofs. Learn how to waterproof your decks and roofs.


Retaining Walls

It’s important to waterproof your retaining walls to avoid the buildup of hydrostatic pressure which can cause serious damage to your walls overtime. 


Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a unique flooring material that makes your floor strong, stain resistant, and more. 


Walls & Box Gutters

Box gutters are prone to water leakage. Learn how to properly waterproof your box gutters and walls to avoid serious and costly water damage 


Internal Wet Areas

Internal wet areas like the bathroom or sink in your home or office is prone to water damage.

Water Features

Replacing a damaged water feature is costly and time consuming. Learn how to properly waterproof your water features to keep them working great for a long time. 


Negative Pressure

Is your basement leaking from the outside in? Then it’s time to carry out a negative side waterproofing. 

Leaking Showers

Avoid serious water damage on your bathroom. Learn how to waterproof your leaking showers with our products. 

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About Total Waterproofing Supplies

Dedicated to giving customers the best range of waterproofing products

Total Waterproofing Supplies is an Australian owned company and one of Australia’s leading suppliers of waterproofing products. 

TWS offers a more comprehensive range of waterproofing products and brands than any other store in Australia, giving their customers a fair choice and comparison of products.

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