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TWS PU Primer

TWS PU Primer

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Colodur PU Primer

Colodur PU Primer is a single component Polyurethane resins in most cases, thanks to their chemical cross-linking, provide excellent adhesion to substrates. However, the very high cohesion of these polymers, which have very high molecular weights, together with a total lack of penetration / zero absorption of some materials may contribute to a lack of adhesion and eventual failure.
PU Primer is a product that by itself does not offer any film formation or any mechanical properties, (therefore definitely shouldn’t be used on its own), it does provide extreme adherence in combination with single component Polyurethane products.


  • It is not recommended to leave more than 4 hours between PU Primer application and the following coat.
  • Apply PU Primer evenly and generously on the substrate.
  • Flammable product though Non Toxic

Available in 250ml, 1 Litre, 4Kg and 20Kg Drums.

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Approx: 6sqm per kg
20kg will coat approx: 120 – 130 sqm

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