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GRIPSET P10 - 10 Litre

GRIPSET P10 - 10 Litre

Gripset P10 is high performance one component compound that is designed to be applied over mineral surfaces such as screeds, concrete, masonry and general cementitious surfaces to prevent the rise or entry of residual dampness or active moisture vapour into the built environment. Gripset P10 is a moisture curing solvent free polyurethane resin that dries to the moisture present in surrounding air and in surfaces it is applied to. As a solvent free and odourless product, Gripset P10 will emit no dangerous toxins to the surrounding environment, ideally suited for internal or confined areas as a primer or protective coating. In addition to the moisture blocking properties conditions, Gripset P10 can be used for consolidating cement screeds or concrete toppings that are mechanically weak due to defects, moisture or lack of binder. Also suitable as an anti-dust treatment for irregular, porous and dusty cementitious screeds.

Gripset P10 is suitable for commercial, industrial, mining and residential applications.

  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Resistance on vertical & horizontal surfaces to negative hydrostatic conditions up to 5 bar of pressure
  • Waterproof seal once cured
  • One component product, avoiding mixing and rapid setting wastage of 2 component primers
  • Suitable for internal and external applications
  • Can be sand filled for high build repairs
  • Solvent free, odourless and environmentally safe

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