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Nano Safe Innovations 90 Day Coating - Nanova Hygiene+

Nano Safe Innovations 90 Day Coating - Nanova Hygiene+


Nanova Hygiene+ a 90 day surface coat providing 99% germ protection for 90 days.

Nano Innovations 90 day coating is a waterborne thin film that keeps surfaces free from microbes and pathogens(germs and viruses). This 90 day coating will sanitize against 90% of germs and bacteria’s including COVID-19. Harnessing the power of silver Ion technology, the nano particles contained in the product attack the DNA of bacteria and viruses stopping them replicating.

Simply apply to all types of hard surfaces to achieve 90 days of self-sanitization meaning you can avoid the requirement of regular disinfection. Nanova Hygiene+ can help with keeping your area Covid Safe. This product is designed to give you peace of mind against germs, Bacteria and Covid-19. It is safe to use in all areas with its low odour.

How it works?

When Micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, mould and mildew come in contact with the coated surface, the Silver Ion Technology protection acts to deplete the cells of important metal ions and disrupts their ability to generate energy, which slows their growth and ultimately causes them to die. Completely safe for humans and pets as the surface and the coating film in non-toxic.

90 Day Coating – Nanova Hygiene+ is easy to apply in a handy 750mL spray bottle or 5ltr and 20ltr drums for the larger areas or for commercial use.

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  • All types of hard surfaces including laminate, metal, wood, plastic, glass, tiles, electronic devices, control panels, touch points and panted and unpainted surfaces etc.
  • Recommended for homes, schools, offices, commercial complexes, hospitals, hotels, cars etc

Nano Safe Innovations 90 Day Coating - Nanova Hygiene+ - 90 Day Coating - Nanova Hygiene

Nano Safe Innovations 90 Day Coating - Nanova Hygiene+ - 90 Day Coating - Nanova Hygiene

Nano Safe Innovations 90 Day Coating - Nanova Hygiene+ - 90 Day Coating - Nanova Hygiene

Nano Safe Innovations 90 Day Coating - Nanova Hygiene+ - 90 Day Coating - Nanova Hygiene

  • up to 60 sqm per litre


Is Nanova Hygiene+ safe for my child?

Yes! Nanova Hygiene+ is completely safe to use on toys and other items your child might touch –  just make sure that they are clean before application, and then allow to dry completely before handing them back to your child. If liquid or residue from uncured products is ingested, refer to the SDS and seek medical advice immediately.


Can I use Nanova Hygiene+ outside?

Yes! Nanova Hygiene+ is UV stable, so it won’t break down in outdoor conditions.


Is Nanova Hygiene+ safe for my pets?

Yes! Nanova Hygiene has no cytotoxicity, and it is completely safe for dogs, cats and other pets as soon as the coating is dry.


Does Nanova Hygiene+ have an expiry date?

Yes. Nanova Hygiene+ will still be able to be applied up to 12 months after purchase. After this time, its effectiveness cannot be guaranteed.


Will Nanova Hygiene+ change the colour of the fabric on my lounge?

No. Nanova Hygiene+ will not change the look, feel or colour of the surfaces it coats. As the product is water-based, be careful of getting too much spray on items that can be affected by too much water (such as leather). A fine mist coating is all that is required to achieve an effective protective layer.


Will Nanova Hygiene+ dry clear on my windows?

Yes! Nanova Hygiene+ dries clear on virtually every surface. Windows, glass, shower screens, splashbacks – will remain transparent with the coating applied.


Is Nanova Hygiene+ safe to apply to my timber furniture?

Yes! Nanova Hygiene+ will not affect timber or any other natural surface. Simply ensure that surfaces are clean prior to the coating being applied.


How many coats of Nanova Hygiene+ do I need to apply?

Just one coat of Nanova Hygiene+ is all that is required to protect your surfaces from viruses (including Covid-19), bacteria and other microbes.

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SDS 90 Days Multi-Surface Coating-TWS

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