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Gripset 59 15L

Gripset 59 15L

Gripset 59 15L

Gripset 59 15L is a unique high build bitumen compound designed for applications in a range of waterproofing and sealing applications where achieving a thick film build is the primary objective. One of the key features of the 59 is its ability to be used by spatula or trowel to achieve film build in excess of 10mm in a singular application. Once the cured film is compressed, the waterproofing properties and water vapour transmission properties are further enhanced offering an ideal durable membrane for subterranean applications.

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  • Waterproofing underground substrates, retaining walls, garden beds
  • Waterproof patching/filler
  • Waterproofing large construction joints (non expansion joints), e.g. abutments between concrete panels and precast
  • Joint filling
  • Concrete Pipe Sealing
  • Protection of concrete substrates against moisture, salt and chloride attack
  • Insulating cold room structures and freezing chambers
  • Outstanding noise reduction for resonation on metal surfaces
  • Solvent free, non toxic and free of dangerous odours
  • High build properties enabling singular film application >10mm
  • Non sagging on vertical surfaces
  • Forms a flexible waterproof membrane
  • Outstanding adhesion properties over a wide range of surfaces
  • Resistant to sulphates, ground salts, diluted acids
  • Can be applied over damp surfaces
  • Inbuilt root inhibitor
  • High impact and abrasion resistance removing the need for protection board over membrane for subterranean applications

Gripset 59 15L - Gripset 59 15L

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